Well, yes. It is necessary to have an acount on gadgetmart to shop here. This is because when you login as a user extra features are provided to you. It not only increases security but also the speed. Thus, make it convenient and safe for you to shop without restrictions and also get notifications of the new offers.

Item will be available in your cart till the session expires which is already set. In case you are unavailable due to some reasons or you are inactive and haven't completed the transaction, you will be asked to login again.

Once your is processed and payment is received and cleared, you will receive your order anytime between next five working days. If not, feel free to call us on :9876364523, and you will surely be satisfied.

You won't be charged, if you cancel the order before shipment. If you cancel it after shipment you will be charged either 2% the cost of your order or Rs. 150/- (Rupees Two Hundred only) depending upon whichever is higher.

The products that are listed as 'out of stock' or 'temporarily unavailable' are not available for sale. If you are an logged user, please use the 'notify me' feature to get informed about the availability of the product on gadgetmart.

Yes, you can. Although the sellers could be at different locations and their delivery timelines can also vary accordingly based on their partnered courier service providers, but here we provide this feature where all your order will be combined and then sent to you, but surely this will take more time.


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